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“Fukuoka Growth 2016” Notice of Errata

Notice of Errata: Correcting Data.39 in “Fukuoka Growth 2016

The title of two graphs from the right on the page 39 of our published report “FUKUOKA GROWTH 2016” (the image of the book cover on the right) was printed left and right reversed. The correct graphs are as below.

“Do you want to continue living in Fukuoka?”
Erratum) はい/Yes95.3% いいえ/No1.6% 不明/NA3.2%

Correction) はい/Yes92.1% いいえ/No3.0% 不明/NA4.8%

“Is Fukuoka livable?”
Erratum) はい/Yes92.1% いいえ/No3.0% 不明/NA4.8%

Correction) はい/Yes95.3% いいえ/No1.6% 不明/NA3.2%


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

June 1, 2016

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