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● 2019年3月
● 冊子(A4サイズ・43ページ)
● 八角 剛史
● 山田 美里
● 菊澤 育代

「防災×スポーツ」 平成30年度URC個別研究報告書

“Disaster Prevention x Sports” Summary of Excerpt (in English)


● 2018年11月、八角、山田、菊澤による「スポーツコミュニティによる防災力向上に関する一考察」が、地方シンクタンク協議会「論文アワード2018」の優秀賞を受賞。

● 2019年1月、都市政策研究(URC研究紀要)第20号にて、「自主防災活動におけるスポーツコミュニティの役割」を発表。

● 2019年3月、福岡市内のサッカーチーム、C.A PROGRESSO 小笹(プログレッソおざさ)の子ども達と、サッカーを通して防災を学ぶワークショップを開催(筆者の八角は元サッカー選手)。子ども達の防災意識の向上およびサッカーチームと自主防災組織との繋がりづくりに加え、保護者、チームの指導者、自主防災組織の方々へのアンケート調査を実施。



[Summary of Excerpt]
“The Roles of Sports Community in the Community-based Disaster Prevention Activities”
The authors have been seeking the potentials of the sports community as one of the organizations accelerating the mutual assistance in times of disaster. While the purpose of disaster prevention education is set to have “preparation”, “connection”, and “knowledge”, the sports community has advantages in terms of physical “preparation” and every day “connection”. On the other hand, a “Community-based Organization for Disaster Prevention (CODP)” consisting of local residents is the main body that supports the mutual assistance in the local community. In this paper, based on the roles and challenges of CODP in Fukuoka City, we examined the possibility of new roles in times of disaster that the sports community could complement. As a result, it was revealed that the aging and the short of manpower have become issues although the CODP is expected to play a central role in opening and operating a local evacuation shelter. Another issue is that the support for the non-designated evacuation shelters is insufficient. As a potential role of the sports community, we proposed 1) assisting the operation of evacuation shelters, 2) rescuing and aiding in times of evacuation, and 3) assisting the support for non-designated evacuation shelters. The study pointed out the importance of efforts in times of peace in order to turn these roles into actions, such as acquiring disaster prevention skills and understanding the local contexts.
Sports community, Community-based organization for disaster prevention, Mutual assistance


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