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Fukuoka City Visit and Lecture Program allows you to take training online from overseas.
후쿠오카시 국제 시찰 연수 프로그램은 일본 국외에서 온라인으로도 연수를 수강하실 수 있습니다.

国際視察・研修(Visiting & Training Guide Menu)

Introducing examples of online training  在线参加进修的实例介绍  온라인 연수의 사례 소개

福祉分野 Welfare  

研究機関 Research Institute
インドネシア Indonesia
241名 241 people

An online lecture was held for Indonesian students and researchers, who learn about the aging issues. The staffs from the Citizen Welfare Plaza introduced Fukuoka City’s information provision and training functions. The question and answer session also touched on the differences between nursing care in Japan and Indonesia.

ビジネス分野 Business  

大学 University
マレーシア Malaysia
24名 24 people
ビジネスを学ぶマレーシアの大学生を対象に福岡市中央区大名にあるスタートアップカフェからグローバルスタートアップセンターのメンバーが福岡市の外国人への創業支援について講義を行いました。 実際に福岡で創業した起業家もオンラインで参加し、成功体験を紹介しました。

Members of the Global Startup Center gave an online lecture on Fukuoka City’s business start-up support for foreigners to Malaysian university students from the Startup Cafe in Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City. The actual entrepreneur also joined as a guest speaker and shared her successful experience.

環境分野 Environment  

大学 University
中国 China
103名 103 people

City officials of Environmental Bureau gave a lecture on the landfill Technology “Fukuoka Method”, connecting with a university in China online.  The lecture also included the video of the landfill site, which enhanced understanding of the participants.

水資源分野 Water Resources 水资源 수자원  

大学 University 大学 대학교
タイ Thailand 泰国 타이
52名 52 people 52名 52명

City officials of the Road & Sewerage Bureau gave a lecture on the reclaimed water project, via ZOOM meeting app, to professors and students at approximately 50 different locations such as laboratories, offices and lecture rooms of the university.


후쿠오카시의 URC 회의실과 태국의 대학 연구실, 사무실, 강의실, 학생의 집 등 약 50개의 거점을 Zoom으로 연결하여 후쿠오카시 도로 하수도국 직원이 재생수 사업에 대하여 강연을 하였습니다.

水資源分野 Water Resources 水资源 수자원  

大学 University 大学 대학교
中国 China 中国 중국
24名 24 people 24名 24명

Officers of the Fukuoka City Road & Sewerage Bureau gave a lecture on the hydrogen energy project and the reclaimed water project, via ZOOM meeting app, to professors and students in China.


후쿠오카시의 URC 회의실과 중국의 대학교 회의실을 Zoom으로 연결하여 후쿠오카시 도로 하수도국 직원이 수소 에너지 사업과 재생수 사업에 대하여 강연을 하였습니다.

福祉分野 Welfare 福祉 복지  

研究機関 Research Institute 研究机关 연구기관
中国 China 中国 중국
99名 99 people 99名 99명

They gave a lecture at the Fukuoka City Citizen Welfare Plaza through ZOOM meeting app. Participants remotely accessed from 80 rooms, and watched the lecture.


후쿠오카시의 시민복지 플라자에서 강의를 하였습니다. 수강자 측은 80개 이상의 단말기로 ZOOM에 접속하여 연수에 참가했습니다.

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