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Fukuoka Growth 09 Evolution of Industry with Creativity

Information & Strategy Office
In severe financial conditions, many municipalities are attempting to focus on policies for the efficient and effective financial operation. What is the necessary policy for the social and economic development? Municipalities are also expected to engage in marketing.
‘Information & Strategy Office’ was set up in URC as an advisory team serving for Fukuoka City with a mission to contribute to the economic growth of Fukuoka City.
In daily operation, it collects and analyzes data and information, consults to city bureaus and the general public, builds up policy options and recommends priorities to support Mayor’s decision making.
Every city is unique and has its own characterBifocal Eyes to Look at a City
– It is ideal to have bifocal eyes like a zoom lens to comprehend a city.
– Macro eyes would help understand the position of Fukuoka on the world map from a comprehensive point of view.
– Micro eyes would help capture the charms of Fukuoka from an ordinary resident’s point of view.
– These are often described as “bird’s-eye view, fish’s-eye view, worm’s-eye view”. Because a city continues to change day by day like a living creature, it is necessary to look at a city from diversified points of view.Competition for Uniqueness
– Every city looks in similar colors from the universe.
– However, when visiting a city, each city has its own charms and characteristics.
– Examples would include an old townscape in Europe, a modern business street in the United States, a chaotic large city in Asia, and a traditional colony in Arab.
– The era pursuing the quantity and scale by mass production has shifted to the era focusing on the quality.
– As a result of globalization, urban planning to enhance unique charm and context of a city has become popular.

Uniqueness of Fukuoka
– What is the uniqueness of Fukuoka?
– “Fukuoka Growth” provided the data mainly from the macro-eye view from the first issue to the previous one.
– From this issue, switching to the micro-eye view, the unique “Quality” of Fukuoka is going to be thoroughly introduced.
– The theme of this issue is Fukuoka’s world-class “Quality of Life”.

September 5, 2013
Taichi GOTO
Head of Information and Strategy Office
Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center

Fukuoka Growth [Growth Potential of Fukuoka City]
09 Evolution of Industry with Creativity (12/11/2013 Version1.0)
Download English pdficon_small (pdf/1.22MB)
In a tour guide app for smartphone “Fukuoka History Navigation” produced by Fukuoka City, Professor Layton and his associates guide the users around the city of Fukuoka.
“Professor Layton” is a puzzle adventure game series for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS developed by Level-5 Inc., an independent video game developer and publisher based in Fukuoka, Japan. The game was a big hit internationally including Europe. Many creative industries such as game, digital content, fashion, design, film and music are accumulated in Fukuoka City.80% of people in the world feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth, and Japan is considered as the most creative country globally (cited from Adobe State of Create Study, April 2012). In other words, despite the long recession of Japanese economy, people in the world still evaluate the Japanese potential ability very high.
Japan and Fukuoka City needs to answer their expectations.Creative value could generate larger potential by collaboration with other skills and services. Adding creativity to the standardized manufacturing and service will produce high added value which is clearly different from the price competition. Adding modern value to the traditional industry will develop new market, and it also contributes to boost industries by collaborating with the existing industry. The reason why Japanese creativity is highly evaluated might be the result of comprehensive evaluation of Japan’s creativity, traditional value, cultural value and technical skills.

Human’s sensitivity and creativity have a lot to do with creative value, which means that it has high applicability and versatility depending on the approach. It could generate economic ripple effect, and become an attractive feature of the country or the community as a new “culture”.

The Japanese government is trying to promote diversified Japanese media content to the world under the concept of “Cool Japan”. This also indicates that the government is expecting a large economic ripple effect from the creative value which could be the precious export resources of Japan, a country considered small in trade.

“Cool Japan” is an attempt to promote media content such as Japanese animation which were originally enjoyed by Japanese people and later were spread around the world through Internet. Since these kinds of content were already established as a “culture” of which people appreciate its value in Japan, they can be introduced to all over the world as part of a Japanese unique culture.

One of the requirements for a “culture” to be established is that there are talented creators as well as many people who appreciated the value of which are created. In Fukuoka City where creative industries are accumulating, it is also important for the creative resources to be collaborated with other various industries and diversified people as a “value of Fukuoka” and to be matured into a “local culture” which can be promoted to the world.

October 21, 2013


Information and Strategy Office

Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center

Figure1. Ratio of creative “business” in all businesses, Major large cities Figure2. Ratio of creative business “employees” in all employees, Major large cities
*Click on the figures to enlarge.
Fukuoka Growth [Growth Potential of Fukuoka City]
Data is the basis for planning.
No hypothesis or forecast can be established without logical grounds based on data analysis.
Data is related to various fields. To collect and analyze data is an important task.
In natural science, accumulated experimental data leads to new discoveries and evolution.
In business or policy making, a variety of data supports to build next strategies.
Data indicates “fact” at a certain point in time from a certain point of view.
In order to plan for the future of Fukuoka, it is important to analyze data from a variety of points of view and to prepare a more certain path for growth.
There is a variety set of data indicating the growth potential of Fukuoka city.
A series of reports “Fukuoka Growth” is going to be released twice a month.
In each issue it will diagnose and discuss the future of Fukuoka city and people by analyzing data relevant to a selected theme.
We hope this series of reports will be informative for those who are considering to live, study, work, invest, and start a business in Fukuoka.
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