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11. “Maintaining One’s Way of Life in a Local Community One has Grown Accustomed to Until the End of One’s Life”





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Column 11. Maintaining One’s Way of Life in a Local Community One has Grown Accustomed to Until the End of One’s Life

(by Mitsuyo SHIROUZU, Researcher)
The graying of Japan’s society is occurring at a pace never before seen in the world, and with the goal of maintaining the dignity of the elderly and supporting independent living, the government is working to create a system for providing local, comprehensive support and services (local comprehensive care system) by 2025 so that elderly can continue to live in the local community they have grown accustomed to and maintain their way of life as much as possible.
In order to do this, there must be a precise, prompt, and seamless exchange of information between not only service providers but also related parties, including users (the person himself and family). For example, if following care after the acute phase of a health problem (when the symptoms suddenly appear), a person needs to receive home nursing during the recovery period (when parties try to establish their daily routines), it is necessary to share information among various entities, including medical facilities that provide advance care, medical facilities in the area the person lives, nursing specialists, home nursing support facility operators, and patient (user) living support service providers.
With recent advances in information and communication technology (ICT), it is possible to develop new information sharing systems in the fields of nursing, medical care, and welfare, and throughout Japan, efforts are being made to develop systems that use ICT to efficiently share information among various organization.
Even Fukuoka City’s Health and Welfare Bureau has been working to develop a Fukuoka City local comprehensive care information platform, the information infrastructure for a local comprehensive care system, through its three year plan that starts in 2015. The city is aiming to make use of ICT and share information among numerous related parties, including service providers and users.
The city will build its data infrastructure in FY2015, and at that time, the city will not only centralize various types of data, including statistical data and administrative data that will form the core of the information platform, but also organize and manage independent information possessed by various types of entities including nursing and medical ones. The city will steadily move forward with developing the platform and building the information infrastructure for a local comprehensive care system for Fukuoka City.
It is expected that when the Fukuoka City local comprehensive care information platform is fully operating, it will not only promote cooperation among related parties but also lead to the creation of a system to provide support and services, the objective of the local comprehensive care system, as a necessary information system to protect medical and nursing services providers (suppliers) and the safe and peaceful lives of local residents (users).
When developing this information system, ensuring security is vital. For the Fukuoka City local comprehensive care information platform, solutions to numerous issues are simultaneously being worked out, and these issues include protecting personal information, setting restrictions on data use and other conditions, and the scope of responsibility for using the data.
It is extremely important to make use of cutting-edge technology, such as this ICT, and safely and effectively provide advance services when developing society’s response to the super grey society. It is hoped that the leading efforts to create a local comprehensive care information platform in Fukuoka City will result in a highly finished system that will be a model for other local governments.

11. 福岡市地域包括ケア情報プラットフォームの構築

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